H2AeroServices is a Navy veteran owned business staffed with over 65 years of aviation experience.  Our services specialize in King Air Series Aircraft Services, nose to tail composite repairs and radome testing for all aircraft. 

Aircraft Services

  • Hot sections
  • Rigging
  • Annuals
  • Phase Inspections
  • NDT
  • AOG support services
  • Pressurization testing (King Air / Cheyenne)
  • Pre-Buy Inspections on-site or upon request

Composite Repair Services

  • Nose to Tail composite repair services for all fixed and rotary wing aircraft
  • Radome
  • Wing to Fuselage Fairings
  • Horizontal Stabilizer Fairings
  • Rotary Cowlings
  • Engine Nacelle Cowlings
  • Ram Air Intake
  • Cargo Compartment Panels
  • Floor panels
  • Doors
  • Winglets
  • Flight Controls
  • R/S DER, Major and Minor Engineering Services

Location & Contact

Middle Georgia Regional Airport
2178 Flightline Avenue
Macon, GA 31216

Phone: 706-975-0114

**Transportation Services provided upon request**